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Granny Annexe
Granny Annexe
Adding a Granny Annexe to your property is a practical and cost-effective way to create more living space as well as increasing the value of your property.

As the name suggests, a granny annexe is typically a self-contained living space used to accommodate an elderly relative (or relatives).

Of course this living space can be used for other purposes too, such as home office, accomodating a growing family or even rental.

A granny annexe is a separate self-contained living space to the rest of the house, as opposed to an extension which is an integral part of the house.

This can be especially revelant when accomodating relatives who wish to retain a certain level of independence, without the isolation of living completely seperately.

Contrary to popular belief, planning permission must be obtained before building a granny annexe and may be liable to council tax.
As specialists in this area we can help guide you through every aspects of the process from the initial idea and concept, to planning application, through to completed build.

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