Garden Rooms by Sarah Beeny

Garden Rooms by Sarah BeenySarah Beeny writes:

“Most gardens have sheds and they are practical for storing garden equipment. However, today, many of those sheds are being demolished and upmarket garden offices or studios are being put up in their place. This can be a cost-effective way of extending your living area – and it doesn’t structurally change your house so, in most cases, you don’t need planning permission. It’s especially popular in cities such as Brighton and Oxford where, although gardens are small, there is a large population of home workers – one in ten people in London and the South East now work from home for part of the week – and many don’t have the space in the house to carve out a dedicated office area. It’s practical and useful to have an extra room or two in your garden, and it definitely adds saleability and value to a property. The key is to make the space flexible and dual purpose and not to stint on your services. Electricity, heating and broadband are a must.”

Sarah Beeny is the presenter of Channel Four’s Property Ladder and is also a successful property developer.

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