The Garden Room Company is the No. 1 provider of DIY SIPs & SIP Kits. With over Twenty Years’ experience in Building and Working with SIPs, building New Homes, Extensions and other Buildings, our Knowledge of SIPs is 2nd to none. Our SIP Design Service & SIP Kit Supply provide everything you need to Visualise your Project and complete your own SIP Build.


The DIY SIP’s Kits Include everything you need to build the Shell of the Project. The Kits include, Numbered Panels, Assembly Guide, Glue, Screws, Timbers. How the (DIY SIPs Garden Room Kits) are finished inside & outside, is down to personal choice, they are not included in the kit.

Garden Rooms

The Garden Room Company, offers a complete Service, from Design to Installation Supply of SIP Kits… Finished to your own Specification, be that an empty Garden Office for you to complete or, a comfortable Garden Space, for Work or Rest or Play.


Self-Build, advantages: they are simple, easy & fast to put up, making them perfect for the DIY Enthusiast, with an easy-to-follow assembly guide, all Panels are Labelled. I would recommend hiring a Nail gun. Best to have an extra pair of hands as Panels can be a challenge, Especially the Roof.

Bespoke Projects

We have a Basic Range of Starting Kits with Fixed Prices, If you are looking for additional Length, Width, Extra Windows, Different Designs. We can bring your ideas/designs into reality. They are professionally Drawn; you will receive Drawings for you to sign off.

Installation Options

We work with many trades, naturally Teams that Install Insulated Garden Rooms. We can arrange for your Garden Space, to be fully installed, Plastered, Electrics, Glazing Fitted. Roof Professionally Sealed with Wonderful Finishes to your Project. If you have the tools and Skills these naturally can all, be DIY


With 20 year’s experience, from having Worked with the UK SIPs Association and TRADA to establish Standards for SIPs, used by both Architects and Structural Engineers. With many Prestigious Projects for Commercial and Private clients.


Insurance Backed Guarantee Available


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SIPs are Not to be Confused with Garden Sheds! SIPs are a Professional Building Product, Used for over 50 Years. 

To:  2021 Building Standards.

Energy Efficient, with Thermal Performance, Air Tightness, Waterproof & can be finished to a Very High Standards. As in any Home.

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Old, New, Small, Large, Engine Size, What Colour, What Make Etc.
SIP’s Garden Rooms, are no different.
It will help speed up your Estimation/ Please add your details on our Contact page, attaching any Sketches, Drawings, Basic Scribbles or information you have, and; we will contact you for a No Obligation Preliminary Discussion.

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