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Once we have your approximate measurements and rough design (number of window/door openings), we can give you an exact price for your design. This doesn’t need to be a proper drawing but can just be a rough idea with pen and paper and scanned!

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Other things you need to consider are Planning, Base, Doors, Windows, Cladding, Roofing, Lighting, Heating and Plumbing (based on requirements), Finish (Walls, Ceilings and Floors as required). Our free
e-book gives full details on this.

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The quote is on a no obligation basis but when you decide to go ahead we will request payment. Once this is received we will send you detailed plans for final approval. We make up the pack with all you need for the basic construction of your Garden Room.

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Our SIPs are ideal for the DIY enthusiast or professional builders and tradespeople. The garden rooms can be used for relaxing, entertaining, working out, working, use as a studio, accommodation, an annexe or just additional space for your family.

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Our SIP panels are labelled and come complete with an easy-to-follow assembly guide. The kit includes glue, screws and timbers. They are simple, easy & fast to put up, making them perfect for the DIY enthusiast.

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Structural Insulated Panels – SIPs, are highly insulated, energy efficient and incredibly strong. They offer thermal performance and airtightness to provide warmth and comfort without costly heating methods making them inexpensive to use.

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